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Air Permitting & Testing Services


Our diverse air quality management team provides our clients extensive experience and knowledge stemming from multiple disciplines. We have an extensive working knowledge of regulatory requirements and have worked with numerous clients including facilities that manufacture pressure sensitive tapes, truck and automobile tires, aluminum parts, wire and cable, and a variety of other parts and components. We couple in-depth expertise with qualified techniques for measuring and monitoring air pollution emissions and have established regulatory resources to facilitate and expedite solutions to your air quality needs.

Phase I & Phase II Assessments

Our experienced professional team performs in-depth site assessments with the foremost attention to providing the highest quality and diligent findings in accordance with standards set forth by ASTM Standard E-1527-13. Our work complies with the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards and is designed to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions. Recognized Environmental Conditions include the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property that indicate an existing release, a past release, or a threat of release. Our project team includes a licensed professional engineer, certified hazardous materials manager, state licensed asbestos inspectors.


ECA can implement a follow-up Phase II study.  We understand that each job is unique, but we have developed a step-by-step investigation process to eliminate unnecessary additional costs, therefore performing only practical and economical investigations for our clients.

Permits and Compliance Programs

ECA prepares permit applications and compliance programs that are fundamental to our clients' operations. Our team of professionals prepares air permit applications including Title V Operating Permits, State Construction/Operating Permits, and various other permits required by State or local agencies. We proficiently develop compliance programs and strategies by using our extensive experience and knowledge of major Federal and State regulatory air programs.

Indoor Air and Emission Source Testing
ECA provides source testing services in accordance with regulatory requirements and permit conditions for existing or new air pollution emission units. Additionally, we have effectively utilized our source testing capabilities to optimize and enhance process operations, develop cost-saving new emission factors, characterize emissions for pollution control or monitoring equipment, and quantify emissions for air emissions reporting. Testing studies have been conducted on stack inlets and exhausts, process equipment, and to verify enclosure requirements. We have specific expertise in quantifying organic pollutants in complex environments and have utilized FID, FTIR, and SUMMA canisters to accurately measure specific volatile pollutants as well as methane and non-methane hydrocarbons. Indoor air studies have been conducted to verify OSHA exposure limitations, evaluate worker protection options, and provide risk assessment data to Clients.

Technical Expert
Dr. Cooney has been retained for expertise involving regulatory compliance issues; he is uniquely qualified having worked with a variety of manufacturers.  

Wasterwater Compliance

Wastewater treatment and compliance expertise is a cornerstone consulting service for E. Cooney. Whether performing feasibility studies, treatment design, operator training, or regulatory response, we bring their vast experience to industrial wastewater projects.



Remediation Services

If contamination is discovered, an in-depth investigation can be implemented to delineate a contaminated plume. After completion of the investigation, the discovered hazardous or nonhazardous concerns are analyzed and an environmental report is submitted.

Remedial Action Plans

Remediation work plans are developed with client input to meet regulatory requirements and effectively provide an individualized work strategy for each project. Our engineers develop corrective action plans with foremost attention to time management, cleanup levels, and budget constraints. ECA works within Voluntary Cleanup Programs and Brownfield guidelines to provide our clients with real-world solutions.

Remedial Activities

Our remedial team performs remedial activities ranging from installing treatment systems for removal of hazardous or nonhazardous waste. We collect and evaluate necessary data to provide the most diligent services possible for each project. Remediation cleanup goals are established based on our clients' ultimate objectives and with sensitivity to budget constraints.

Groundwater Sampling
ECA offers our clients the expertise of a geologist and hydrogeologist and our collective knowledge of the latest protocols to perform groundwater sampling to fully satisfy a diversity of water contamination issues. We offer this service to ensure the utmost quality sampling for all our clients.

Storm Water
Our Stormwater work involves assisting manufacturing or construction related work to achieve full compliance with Federal, State, and/or local stormwater regulations. Our capabilities include permitting, stormwater pollution prevention plan preparation, development, and best management plan (BMP) design and implementation strategies.



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